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A rock band with absolutely new perspective on the genre. Their compositions are directed to new horizons of the rock scene. If you want to listen something different this is the band you need.
Their music is based on the concept of trying to fusion different genres, different imaginary worlds, different fantasies in every song but keeping their own face. In the lyrics they point out the civilization problems of the society and mental world of the human being. So  is how they defines their musical direction for media interviews. 

The band consists of musicians who have been performed in various musical  projects and bands across the Europe (mostly in Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherland, Germany, England) some of them were performed shortly as session musicians in Los Angeles, USA, and performed in legendary Sunset Boulevard clubs like Whiskey a Go Go, The Key, or Max Steiner's in Long Beach.
The band has performed as opener for Hungarian rock legends Bikini & Ossian, in Slovakia opened for Peter Bič Project and collaborated with Peter Cmorík, among others.. They have previously worked together in various bands and music projects, but the first official set of "Steve Misik & Co." settled in 2013-2014 during the recording of the songs for the debut album "Schizoemphatic" and creating the promo video for the cover version of Deep Purple's ¨You Keep On Mooving¨.

Full bio...

The band "Steve Misik & Co." is generally of a harder character: progressive rock, funk, post-rock, stoner-rock, alternative-rock, blues-rock, heavyrock, metal, boogie, crossover, sometimes with some ethnic or electronic elements,... But it does not limit itself when it comes to the genre. "We just wanna play what we want, whenever we feel like it" ̶  this is the motto of this bunch. Our goal is to express our feelings, not to satisfy commerce!

The band is a project of Steve Misik, who composes all the music and wrote most of the lyrics. The band consists of musicians who have been performed in various musical  projects and bands across the Europe (mostly in Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany) the drummer

were performed shortly as session musician in Los Angeles music clubs

like Whisky a Go Go or the Key-ClubBand members have previously

worked together in various bands and music projects, but the first official

set of "Steve Misik & Co." settled in 2014 during the recording of the songs

for the debut album "Schizoemphatic" and creating the promo video for the

cover version of Deep Purple's ¨You Keep On Mooving¨.

Why and how this band name was born? Steve perform a long time period

as session musician and singer in various lands around Europe.Therefore it

was so difficult to play his own music with the same band members, every

musician in different lands had also his own liabilities. So Steve had to play

his music with various musicians in different lands, simply it was hard to

creata a full-featured band from the start. And so the band-project name was born as Steve Misik & Co.  

The way in which the band got to the recording of the debut album was very long and difficult.  Steve Misik with his first band recorded two studio singles which were aired in several Slovakian radio stations and performed at various festivals in Slovakia and Hungary, beside others "Sziget Fesztival" in Budapest. First music clip was recorded at a Slovakian TV channel "VTV" based on Steve Misik's music. The band faced with the biggest misfortune, the health problems of the lead guitarist and co-founder of the band and especially a good friend. Steve Tóth had to be hospitalized. Steve Misik had to play abroad as a session musician in different projects, because of the break. That time Steve Tóth suddenly passed away which painfully affected everybody because of his creative benefit, friendship and enormous love for music (when he found out that he will not be able to play guitar after his heart surgery he fell into a coma and doctors failed to wake him). Steve Misik composed and arranged the song "My waves" based on his riffs and lyrics. They worked together on that song before his death. The album ¨Schizoemphatic" is dedicated to his memory. 

And there was a funny story during recording the first single for the debut album SCHIZOEMPHATIC (whose songs was aired in some radios in USA, Brasil, Luxembourg, South Africa, Canada and Europe)  while the sound engineer Rolo ¨helped the band¨ with the transmission of equipment and instruments in his car, whose acid from the accumulators has been recently poured from the boot, its seats got soaked up with it and all band members pants and assess have nearly been etched too. Basically, the band recorded the tracks for the debut album with bare asses.

The first single because of the web administrator's mistake was promoted with incorrect band name “Clone co.”, because he entered the name of the single instead the name of the band, so the band kicked his ass. 

So the debut album was finally finished and the band hoped that it will delight not only the die-hard fans who remember them from various concerts but also the new listeners. When the band wanted to start with the presentation concerts of their 1st album Schizoemphatic, in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, and they done a lot of promotion on radios and TV's throughout the

country of the Czech Republic, an unpleasant accident

happened to the singer - guitarist his two eardrums

were broken when the plane was landing, on his way

back to Slovakia to start the concerts, so the concerts

had to be delayed for half a year later, and suddenly

another dramatic turn of events came, the drummer

fell and one vertebra of his spine broke , and had to

undergo an urgent spinal surgery. The spinal surgery

went well, but the group took half a year longer to

begin the concerts of presentation of the 1st album

Schizoemphatic. Finally in the spring of 2018 they were

able to start the concerts again.

Even after everything that has happened to the group, they have always been totally involved and have an incredible desire to be heard by everyone!

The band currently working on new singles for the new album.

During the coronavirus pandemic chaos the band released their new single ¨Such is life¨ with new official video clip, You can listen the new song on any streaming platform as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc. The ¨Such is life¨ song  is downloadable for free, as well as every new single in 2020. In this hard times it's better to give everything what one can. The recording process was very funny (till the corona pandemic problem come), because the band recorded everything online, the drums in Slovakia, the bass in Switzerland, and the vocals and the guitars in the Canary Islands (Spain), as the band members work as session musicians, for the moment they are in different countries.

Due to the current situation in the world, and the serious situation that occurred due to the corona virus pandemic, the recording and working on new songs is no longer so much fun, but the band would like at least bring with their music and videos, a bit of light into the darkness, some good vibrations and legacy that the listener can think about and perhaps can find some new views... and give strength in this battle to the future. The song had also a succes on Australian radio

The band is so happy that had the possibility to collaborate on one of their new single "Stuck in the truck feat. Derek Sherinian" with such a great musician, master of keys, Derek Sherinian. (Sons Of Apollo, Black Country Communion, Planet X, ex. Dream Theater, ex. Kiss, ex. Billy Idol, ex. Alice Cooper, ex. Yngwie J. Malmsteen, ex. Whitesnake...and many more) The song was released on 23.04.2021 all relevant links to listening it, here:

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As well you can follow the band on their youtube channel, then you don't miss any new video when it's out.    

The recent events of the band, and events in the world, also reflects the cover of the upcoming album, where you can see the symbol of the band the feathered octopus, after all the accidents but struggling with all what life can bring. We all must fight and never give up, The world and the life are both beautiful. We must preserve them and make them more miraculous. For us and for all! 

On November 3, 2023, the current bass guitarist Tibor Borský left us forever, we thank him for his tremendous artistic contribution and for his kindness, may he rest in peace.

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