„ A slovak singing guitar player ( and a skillful composer ) Steve Misik is a quite interesting dude“! With his band, he is hunting in a rich well of rock history and with a remarkable ease he composes pieces well known, yet together sounding fresh and unique into the playfull coctail.There is obvious piece of retro in it, or an admiration to classics, at the same time there is an unquestionable dose of recency and a playful retrieval. The protagonist himself talks of a crossover, but to be honest- it is the type of changing music that can not be easily unified into one specific thing. You either like it, or you mark it without an interest as a non-grabable mass. Which would be a big mistake though.¨
- Michal Husák / Rock & All - Czech Republic -
„ Steve Misik&Co. have dig a nail into the hard rock wall, which can´t be easily bent by many traditional rockers, or they won´t even try. The band itself with is not balancing above the gap of shy sterility and with its confident flexibility they stay out of sharp points of awkwardness, that the experimenting with rock or non-rock genres brings up. This freethinking have nicely bend my knees after the first hearing and it reminded me a bizzare type of hang over.“
- Pepa Juza / Hard Music Base - Czech Republic -
Rock & All
Hard Music Base
"The Steve Misik & Co. first album is a masterclass in progressive art rock, with blues feelings and funky grooves. If you're looking for original band, some original music, this is it, Steve Misik & Co. will vintage you! Be sure not to miss their live show - there's a whole different sound to it"
- Marek Habdák / Rock Hard - Slovakia -
A rockzene legjobb hagyományait megőrizve haladják meg azt. Minden daluk más, és nem csupán azért, mert szlovákul vagy magyarul énekelnek éppenséggel. Hanem, mert másként összetett! A legfőbb erényük az innováció. Fantáziátlan pillanatuk elő sem fordulhat! Odafigyelésre késztet és elgondolkoztat. Több, mint érdekes színfolt az igényes rockzene táborában.
- Olasz Sándor / Rockbook Rockmagazin - Hungary -
Rock Hard
¨Does music which is a form of art have any common ground with science? Yep, that’s an easy one for me. They have and it is called experimentation. If we didn’t have that, then we wouldn’t have any of the musical genres we love (including heavy metal). STEVE MISIK & CO. and their debut album is a result of such an experimentation¨
Nick Parastatidis / Behind the Veil - Greece 
Behind the Veil
¨If you like  progressive rock or metal with funky touch, or ethno-folk elements, sometimes with slight blues feeling, post rock, art rock with a bit of alternative rock, you will definatelly like a debut album Schizoemphatic from Steve Misik& Co. ( you can find a crossover of all the genres mentioned above on this album .) Schizoemphatic is an album, that did not lose its rock-metal feeling through its own variability¨
- Lukáš "Bukáčo" Polák / Hlukoskop - Slovakia -
¨The album is a coctail of a progressive rock or metal with funky touch, post rock, art rock with a bit of alternative rock, with etno-folk elements, sometimes with slightly blues feeling. It is a mutual creation of a numer of great musicians. The final sound was complemented by foreign hosting musicians. In a song Shadows, which is a crossover of exotic flamenco, metal and easters folk, cajon and palmas was played by a spanish native from Cordoba, Francisco Jimenes. In an acustic song  May, a saxophonist Felicity form Fuerteventura island have showed up. Danny Griffin in a song  For you aranged by ethnic instruments, would sing a mantra that filles up the atmosphere by a technique  of tibetian budhist monks¨
- Ľubomíra Karmanová - / Nas Novohrad / Sme - Slovakia
Steve Misik & Co.  on TV ROCKPARÁDA chart.
Biosfera TV
Interview about our Schizoemphatic debut album, and about the video clip for song May on Biosfera TV, Lanzarote, Spain. Video HERE.
Steve Misik came to the studio of Radio Slobodný Vysielač ... with some information about the new Schizoemphatic album, in this interview you can also listen most of songs from the album. The program Hudobný hosť can be listened from the archive too...
Slobodny Vysielac
Steve Misik & Co. in Fajn Rock Music radio broadcasting From November 10, 2016 you can listen daily in high rotation play list song "Online" click on and listen to great classic rock hits from the 70s to the present, from rock-pop till sharpest metal and punk.
Radio Fajn Rock Music
Radio Pato Loco Rock PROGRAM 
Duck's birthday (50 takos) with DJ Jose's favourite songs from the album Schizoemphatic.
Interview with the band Steve Misik & Co. about their debut  album Schizoemphatic.
I have to admit that I have never heard such a unique combination of flamenco, eastern european folk and heavy metal music...about the song Shadows
- Emil Hadji Panzov/Filter Label -
Pato Loco

Ak je pre vás Walk This Way od Run D. M. C. a Aerosmith tým najdivokejším žánrovým presahom, aký si viete predstaviť, ani sa neunúvajte čítať ďalej. Na Schizoemphatic, debute zoskupenia STEVE MISIK & Co., sa toho totíž deje omnoho, omnoho viac a bez otvorenej mysle sa veru ďaleko nedostanete.

- Peter Hajdu / - Slovakia -

Egyre több feltörekvő zenekar juttatja el szerkesztőségünkbe bemutatkozó hírlevelét. Ezt tette a Szlovákia területén található, főleg magyarok lakta Fülek városából származó Steve Misik & Co. zenekar is, akik Schizoemphatic címmel jelentették meg nagylemezüket.


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