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Feri Kecskemeti - drums  

Drummer with a large experienced history, participated in various project of other slovak bands like Definition, Aeneas, Beatles Revival, Fairy Tale, The most significant in work with him is his fantasy to create interesting percussive arranges.

Felicity- sax

A brilliant saxophonist Recording arranges for a song May, was a incredible experience with this amazing sax player.

Francisco Jimenez - cajon , percussions

 Flamenco cajonist, percussionist with a big love for music.

The Band & Special quests

Competition for all our fans who want a  Steve Misik & co. T-shirt for free. Register in our web, then you can put  some  photo to fanzone section, photos which have something to do with the band, with you or with the event.

Steve Misik - vocals & guitars.  

performed in band Bermudy, with an appearance at the festival Pepsi - Island 97' and recorded video at VTV-teenage TV program. As a guest singer as well as guitarist cooperated with projects and bands like: Cargocult, Definition (album The eastern tribute to Helloween), in a Fairy Tale band album named  Dream in the song ¨On Venus, Mars or Moon¨, and others. Steve performed for a long time in different countries of Europe as a member of various music bands and as well a session musician. In the Canary Islands, he performed with the legendary singer Sebastian from ¨The Drifters¨, as well as the singer of the ¨Sherman`s Brothers¨. Also played with Miro, Juraj and Peter Cmorík in the band called Lc/Dc for some time and toured in Slovakia. During his time in Spain Steve cooperated with renowned pianist and music producer Carlos Muñoz on different musical projects and performances in Barcelona and vicinity as well as in addition to a variety of bands, revival shows and orchestras.








Juraj Pelc - bass. 

performed with Steve in Bermudy band and sometime later Juraj met again with Steve and Miro in Lc/Dc band at the time of Peter Cmorík`s performance. Juraj performed in the Austrian Elthon John revival band, with Edda Majdnem, also performed with Hungarian guitar virtuoso István Alapi, original guitarist of the band Edda. Worked and cooperated at the studios recording projects of various genres and bands from the punk-rock, metal, pop to jazz.










Miro Barty - drums.  

performed in bands Navara, in the London band Rent a Gun, Lc/Dc revival of AC/DC best known by the bikers since played in the majority of biker rallies. He has performed with many slovakian artists such as Henry Tóth, Peter Cmorík, Robo Pap. In USA performed with a band Bionicore and played several concerts in Long Beach - Los Angeles clubs such us Whisky Gogo, Key Club, Di Piazza and Whiskey Richard in Santa Barbara. 







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