Steve Misik & Co. on Monster Radio Lanzarote

Steve Misik & Co. songs on Monster Radio Lanzarote, Sunday 28 july.

In The Bengodi show TYTHEROYGATRA & GOFIOCHILLOUT with Ben Hammouda from 21:00 to 00:00 you can listen early some of our songs from our debut album Schizoemphatic and some recent news about our upcoming new singles with special quests, video clips, live performances in reunited original line-up.

Many radio stations these days are purely automated and broadcast pre-defined playlists with voice-tracked presenters and no interaction with the listeners. They’re just music playing machines…

…but not Monster Radio Lanzarote! Monster Radio was born out of a desire to return to the fun and the personality of live radio presenters. Presenters interacting with their audience and building rapport. .

Monster Radio – Live Radio Lanzarote Style!

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