Crazy distressed purple funkrock meme Kiwi bird!

Crazy distressed purple funkrock meme Kiwi bird!

A new videoclip for song Who Cares from album Schizoemphatic.

Crazy Headbanging Kiwi Bird :D Who cares?

Have fun, enjoy :D

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Deezer: Shazam, Apple iTunes, etc... PHYSICAL CD AVAILABLE NOW !!! Here: here: or here: If you like our world you can support the band Who Cares? As a child I used to have big dreams big ideas, faith in justice faith in love and the truth of your words I wanted to be a good example full of feelings and understanding Kidness kills, rebelion suffers who cares about it, just relax, breath nicely, let yourself go with the flow don't be your idol, live your dreams Ref: scream out your pain, don't hide like a little type spit out your anger into the face of that nipple who tries to chain you down Don't let them take you down, shout your anger out you'll be yourself, take control who cares about it, then you'll just be controlled we have it all in us the evil that’s needed to keep the balance, so don't back up at your own expense, stand up against it even if you lose everything the offsets would turn us into machines which are commanded by anyone according to their needs Ref: scream out ... You don't like this song, you have your own truth you are so sure, about your importance, ... who cares

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